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Do I need to worry?

Dalton, GA |

I was given a citation for underage consumption, and it is my first offense. I have not even had so much as a speeding ticket. What can I expect when I go to court?

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Since this is your first offense you should be able to get into some type of diversion program. After completing the diversion program the charges against you will be dismissed so they will not go on your criminal history, or suspend your driver's license as this charge can. Essentially, the program will have you complete some community service, attend some alcohol classes, and maybe take a drug and alcohol evaluation. Once you complete everything they will dismiss the charge against you.

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Hire a lawyer to see if you are eligible for pretrial diversion. Essentially, you complete some minimum level of punishment and the charges against you are dismissed. Not all courts offer the program but it is a great way to resolve a case if offered.


You posted this question under the juvenile heading. Please note that in GA you are no longer a juvenile on the day before your 17th birthday! If you were still 16 when you got this citation, you must report to Juvenile Court. There is no diversion program in any Juvenile Court in GA. You can expect two years of probation, a fine, and some kind of evaluation program for alcohol abuse or addiction.

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