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Do I need to tell colleges that I was arrested for shoplifting when I was 14 years old?

Naples, FL |

I was arrested when I was 14 years old for shop lifting. I went to juvenile court and was given the option to complete an online program that would drop my charges if completed. I am now in my senior year of highschool and currently applying to colleges. A frequent question is, "In the past 10 years, and including any pending charges, have you ever been the subject of any criminal proceeding other than a minor traffic violation?" Should I answer no, or yes?

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Yes, that is the truth. They should give you a chance to explain.

R. Jason de Groot, Esq.,


It is a delinquency proceeding, not necessarily a criminal proceeding. If you completed Diversion, which it sounds like you did, then you are eligible to have it expunged.



Thank you, I just didn't know if a diversion program counted as a criminal proceeding.

James W Chandler

James W Chandler


It does, but if you completed, hen the case was dropped or No Petitioned.


ou are free to do what you want and to answer as you wish. However, there are consequences and reactions for every action, your included.

If you answer "no" then you are knowingly providing false information. That said, you are free to do what you want and to answer the question as you wish. However, as a young adult and aspiring college student you should know that there are consequences and reactions for every action, your included.

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