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Do I need to take with me an immigration attorney to my citizenship interview?

Greensboro, NC |

I get an interview for my citizenship on March 10th, In last December police caught me drinking and driving with 0.13 (DWI), I got a criminal lawyer for my case and he told me it will take a long time to be resolved by the judge at court. I don't really know if I may presenting by myself to this interview or I have to get an immigration attorney with me.

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I strongly suggest you at least consult with an experienced immigration attorney. You will have difficulty getting your NATZ granted.


You should immediately consult with an immigration lawyer in your area about this. You cannot be granted citizenship if under any type of probation, which you will likely be under, am afraid, unless the case and charges can be dismissed.

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I agree with the previous answer and add that the immigration officer will review all criminal matters, especially those during the past five years. If your DWI matter is not resolved (dismissed) before your naturalization interview, I do not believe you will be approved. You should consult with an experienced attorney to determine your best option now.

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Most likely CIS will not grant your N400 as there is a pending criminal matter during the good moral character period. That said, you do want to present yourself appropriately regarding this matter. You may want to consider withdrawing the application without prejudice to future filings. I would definitely retain counsel to review everything.


I agree with my colleagues. You should certainly hire an attorney to attend the interview with you. Or you may withdraw your application.

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