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Do I need to sue for wrongful termination?

Horn Lake, MS |

I am a 27 year old black female. I was begged to work for a company, and within one week I went over the company's quota (was 31 claims a day, I started doing 75+ ) while the other ladies there were only doing about 25 a day. After pointing out to my supervisor that there were major HIPPA violations going on, I was immediately terminated (about three days after I brought it up). When I asked why, they told me that they could not disclose the reason, only asked if I had any of their property. They didn't have me sign any termination papers or anything. The two ladies they left in the position were both white females and younger. I was the only black person in that department. What rights do I have?

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From what you described, it doesn't read that your race was as much of a factor as your position about HIPAA violations and your report of that. You might want to talk to an EEOC intake officer/investigator at your nearest office and see if they want to meet with you.

Clark County, Nevada practitioner.


Your factual summary does not support an inference of racial discrimination here, nor gender discrimination. Your summary strongly suggests that you were fired because your employer disputed your HIPAA knowledge and perhaps your method of raising that issue. Unless you are right on the law on the HIPAA issue, and unless that issue raises issues of public protection and welfare, it is likely that you do not have legal recourse for termination on this ground. You may want to discuss your HIPAA issue with a local employment attorney who has specific experience with the issues of protections for whistle-blowing.

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