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Do i need to sue cps for harrasment and ignoring me while i have an ongoing case?

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I just dont know what to do i have called so many numbers and have tried for the past month in a half to get information on my case let alone about my son and why i am having to go threw this and both me and my fiance get laughed at have been ignored and harrased for no reason if i ask a question i get told to leave messages after messages and for a month in a half no one will return my calls....

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You don't necessarily need to sue anyone, but you do need to make sure your voice is being heard. If you haven't already, you should visit the Juvenile Court and review your child's file--make sure you are up to date on the information, have the names of all attorneys and parties involved, are following the Case Management Plan and are attending any Court hearings. Put messages to CPS in email or send via fax or certified mail to prove delivery. You should provide the other parties with copies of any messages you send to CPS so you can ensure everyone is informed. You can also call the CPS Family Advocate line at 1-877-527-0765 or 602-364-0777. I'm posting a link to their page which also has a Client Grievance Form that you should complete. Most importantly, though, I suggest you get in touch with a qualified Juvenile Attorney. CPS is understaffed and it is often for families to feel that they aren't getting through to anyone. Your rights to your child are in jeopardy--you should get help navigating the system. Good luck to you and your family.

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