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Do i need to submit a police &/or a military report to the USCIS when applying for my green card?

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i am currently residing in the states and about to submit all the relevant forms as it relates to me getting my green card. I am now wondering if it is necessary for me to submit a a police and a military record to the USCIS from my country of birth. I have served in the military for a few years before i came to the states. As for the police record ; i don't have one. Please advise me on this matter. Thanks in advance !

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No. Only if USCIS specifically requests them.

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Are you applying for adjustment of status? If so, unless you have a criminal record, you do not need to provide a police report. However, you may be required to provide the military report having served in the military.

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Thanks for the advice!


No. When applying for adjustment of status in the US you do NOT need to submit anything else than a copy of your birth certificate and translation, marriage certificate and only if you have been arrested before, copy of your case's final disposition.

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