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Do i need to send the same papers ?

Charlotte, NC |

do i need to send same papers to apply for citizenshipp as before means bank statements bills or just tax return for the last 3 years & marriage certificate & birth certificate of my husband

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No you just need to send in a copy of your green card for now if there is a problem with your cSe CIS will ask for those documents later.



yes but on the website they asked to send tax return for 3 years birth cert for my husband and our mariage cert do i need to send like before bills and bank statemnet?

Morrie Pour Nourian

Morrie Pour Nourian


Don't know which web site you are referring to.


Depends on when and how you sent those the first time around.

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No, you need to send no such papers. All you need to do is attach a copy of your green card (front and back) as well as the filing fee.
You will be asked during the interview to prove that you are still married to the same husband through you obtained your green card and that you are still living in "marital union" in the same household together.

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You can. Read the instructions. Also make sure to bring your spouse to the interview.


Follow the n400 instructions. If CIS wants additional information they will let you know.

Attorney Robert Brown's (former INS Director, 1972-99) reply to your question is general in nature, and does not constitute legal advice as all facts are known to him. For specific advice or representation you should retain an attorney experienced in immigration law. Mr. Brown's reply on AVVO does not create an attorney/client relationship not constitute legal advice.


I am not really sure what your question is or what you mean by "as before." If you are applying for citizenship, and you are a green card holder, you need to file form N-400. This form is not easy to fill out and has many hidden "trap doors" for lack of a better phrase. I highly recommend you think about hiring an attorney to help you through this process. The N-400 was recently revised and is now over 20 pages! Even experienced attorneys complain that it gives then nightmares.

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