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Do I Need to send my Birth Certificate with my n400 form

Denver, CO |

I am filling out my n400 form for the USCIS I just noticed that my last name is misspelled on my Resident Card it should be Contreras and it appears as Contreres. Would I need to send a copy of my birth certificate?

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No, just make sure that you have the correct spelling on your N-400 application. You could rectify the issue the day of your interview.
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I usually recommend to send a copy of your birth certificate with its translation. It is not mandatory, however if the officer reviewing your case needs it she will have it at hand. I strongly recommend for your to bring the original for your interview.


You don't have to because your application for naturalization will dictate the spelling however it may help at the time of the interview were you should raise this issue and provide proof of correct spelling.