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Do I need to report address changes as a permanent resident?

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My mom took care of the permanent resident processes as I was young back when it was being done so I was unaware of this fact. I hear it's a misdemeanor to not report them, can I still report them late?

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Yes, you need to file. However, while I generally do not file any of my cases online, the AR-11 form is the only one I do feel comfortable with and actually trust more than the paper based one. So the option is there, paper or online.

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Yes, you must file a form AR-11.

Go to US CIS to download the form ... don't trust the online system ... send the form via CERTIFIED MAIL, with a RETURN RECEIPT.

Yes it is a misdemeanor ... yes you can file late.

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File AR-11 - paper or on-line (I prefer paper). You can file it late.

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Yes. Use the AR-11 form.