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Do I need to register for a state sales tax I.D.?

Houston, TX |

I recently started an online boutique store selling clothes online. I do not have an office/business and just keep merchandise in my bedroom closet (litereally just starting out here) and I do plan to claim the space i use for storing items/working from my computer as space used working from home on my taxes (or should I not bother??)
I've read online that in most states for online sales there is no sales tax or that some businesses do not have to charge/pay sales tax. Would this apply to me since I don't have a store front? Just confused on whether I need to get a tax i.d. and if so how am I suppose to charge my customers? Do I charge them TX sales tax rates or does it depend on what state they are in or what country?

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The Texas House approved a bill that would expand the number of Internet companies required to collect sales tax in Texas.

The bill would change the definition of what it means to have a physical presence in Texas. State Rep. John Otto, R-Dayton, said it would force Internet-based companies to collect sales taxes if they pay marketers in Texas to advertise for them.

Under a U.S. Supreme Court ruling, a company does not have to collect state sales tax if it does not have an office, or some other physical presence, in that state. The tax is still due on those transactions, but the customers are supposed to pay it. They usually don't.

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Is this the first time that you have owned a business?

You might want to start a relationship with a good business attorney and a CPA that understands this type of business. You are likely going to have many questions on taxes and finances in the future, and getting started on the right foot is always better than trying to fix bad mistakes.

If you need help finding someone in your area, let me know. I have a feeling that there are probably some other issues that you have not considered if this is the first time you have owned your own business.