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Do I need to pursue a lawsuit?

Lafayette, LA |

We were at a parade in lafayette louisiana Saturday and the police motorcycles go in a circle to let you know parade is coming. And they crashed into each other and one of the bikes handle bar landed on my daughters hand it swole up and we rushed her to hospital and nothing was broken the cops met us there and the consolidated government man to tell us they were gonna pay the hispital bills. Should I pursue a case or leave it alone my daughter is 7.

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Since this is a government entity, they would need to be put on notice quickly, so call a local personal injury lawyer to do so.

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I don't think that the age of the victim is what should be considered in deciding whether or not to file a lawsuit in this particular situation, but rather the injuries and any future issues that she may have with her hand as a result of said injury. Speak to a local personal injury attorney, and do not put it off (since, as my colleague as pointed out, there are very strict time restrictions when it comes to filing a claim against a governmental entity). Best of luck to you and your daughter.


If your daughter fully recovers quickly it will probably be difficult to find an attorney to take this case on a contingency fee basis as there will likely not be enough of a monetary recovery to justify the time and effort. However, if she has an extended or incomplete recovery you should pursue representation. She only has 1 year from the date of the injury to file a lawsuit to protect her rights and attorneys should be retained sufficiently in advance of this 1 year time period to adequately investigate the claim and prepare and file a lawsuit against the proper parties, assuming the matter cannot be settled. Good luck.

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