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Do I need to pay taxes of US rent paid by my foreign business?

Los Angeles, CA |

I am in the USA on an 0-1 visa. I am aware that if taxes is paid on the money in the home country then of course all transferred funds are not taxable in the US and neither if it is a gift.

The amount transferred from my foreign company towards US rent each month is deductible in my home country. In my home country it is a part of the yearly accounts and company tax return.

Does all of this sound right? Is this amount non taxable in the US

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Often rent payment is considered compensation and thus income and therefore I would give you an equivical maybe. If the apartment is rented to you and the Foreign entity pays the rent you appear to be having income. If the company rents the apartment and it just sends you the funds to pay their rent it may not be taxable as income.
You would have to look at the tax treaty with your country to determine how much your exemption is

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