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Do I need to pay my the leasing company accelerated rent for the time that they would not otherwise manage/own the property.

Houston, TX |

I recently moved out of an apartment that I was renting early. I was told that I need only pay the market rate for two months and then a reletting fee of 85%. I payed the rent and reletting and was on my way. Two months later I received an email stating that I owed all the rent for the remainder of the period that I would have rented plus the reletting fee. I argued with the creditors and management company to lower the amount to the time that the apartment was unoccupied and drop the previously paid reletting fee (~3500 to 1461). Part of the hassle with having them agree to this is they sold the property shortly after I vacated. My concern is that I shouldn't have to pay the old company for the time that they did not own the building.

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You need to consult with a Landlord Tenant attorney to give you advice on what your options may be. Do it now before they get a judgment against you. You may have some recourse or defense from your post.

Good luck!

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