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Do I need to pay back a debt in which I received a 1099C cancellation of debt on?

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Citibank issued a 1099C cancellation of debt to me on 2/24/2012. I filed this with my taxes on 4/15/2013 increasing my income by the FULL amount of the debt. I am in the process of trying to buy a house and the debt is still showing as owed monies on the credit report. I have called Citi several times and they acknowledge the 1099C being issued and that it was a cancellation of debt but when I ask them to report this to the credit bureaus they say I still owe the money plus some. Is this legal for them to ask me to pay back this loan when they issued a 1099C on it?

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If they have cancelled the debt you might try submitting your 1099 C to the credit bureaus as proof that a debt cancellation occurred. It sounds like this is mostly a question about a disputed credit report so asking them directly to remove it may be your first step.

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You should also consider amending your 2013 taxes by filing a Form 1040X and adding a
Form 982 that would excuse the payment of taxes caused by the Form 1099C. Many people are eligible to file the Form 982. It's very simple. Good luck.

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