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Do i need to pay?

Devon, PA |

i have been caught shoplifting in a supermarket . i got a £80 fine from the police which i will pay . also i have just received a letter from the supermarket saying i have to pay them £253 . they received all the goods back in the same condition , and the amount that was tempted to be stolen was only £220 between 2 of us . do i have to pay the supermarket ? what will happen if i don't ?

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Interesting designation regarding the monetary amounts involved; I presume you have been converting to your home currency rather than this being a question about procedures in Devon England. Here I strongly recommend that you ignore the requests from money received from or on behalf of the store. It is called a Civil Demand and is a required first step for instituting a civil lawsuit for damages. The second step, namely filing a lawsuit will not be taken as it makes no economic sense for them to do so; however, sending out these demand letters to lots of people brings in some amount of money with almost no time, trouble, or expense involved. Ignore them and they will eventually stop, probably after a few months. It's a money-making scam.



ok i will ignore. thank you :)

William A. Jones Jr.

William A. Jones Jr.


You are most welcome.


This is a civil demand letter. It is really only due after the store gets a civil judgment against you. Since the stores virtually never pursue a suit, I tell clients to ignore these letters.

Michael L. Doyle
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Mr. Jones has it right. Follow his advise.

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