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Do I need to include a DUI conviction from another state on a job application for a customer service job?

Birmingham, AL |
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It all depends on how the question is worded. If the question is worded "Have you ever been arrested?" then the answer is 'yes' since the offense of DUI/DWI requires a custodial arrest. If you were convicted of the offense of DUI/DWI, then you must also answer 'yes' to the question "Have you ever been convicted of any crime or offense?". However, in nearly every case, the offense of DUI/DWI is a misdemeanor and does not have the implications of a felony offense.

Your best course of action is to seek the professional services of an attorney that specializes in employment and labor law to assist you.


I agree with Patrick. However, the application is the key to the answering the question. Most employers want to know about DUI's for insurance and crimnal conduct for jobs relating to the service field. Depending on how along ago the DUi was and your age at the time may not cause the employer any concern. Honesty is always the best policy. Answer the question and attach a statement to the form regarding the DUI to show that you have learned from your mistake. It may make all the difference to you.
But again, as Patrick advised, talk to a local attorney about what is the questions that you can be asked. Good Luck.

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