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Do i need to hire a attorney if i a have charge filed with the eeoc in sc.The charge is for sex discrimination and wronful term.

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I asked about advancing with the company and was told i would have to go thru certain steps to get there which i agreed and 2 months later they gave the job to someone else and didnt have them go thru any of the steps that i was told i had to go thru.When i brought this up i was terminated 4 days later for breaking a company policy and the person who they gave the job to broke a company policy before given the postion and was not terminated.I filed a charge with eeoc.and need to know should i get legal advice before attending mediation if this occurs.

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If you can get a qualified employment attorney to handle your case either on a contingency fee basis or financial terms you can afford you would be better off in my opinion. The attorney can represent you and attend the EEOC mediation. You may also have a retaliation case if you complained that the different treatment was based on gender and you were fired 4 days later. You can go to (National Employment Lawyers Association) and search for employment lawyers in your area. If you cannot get an attorney then you can attend the mediation on your own but it may be hard for you to determine if they are making a fair settlement offer. Good luck.


The EEOC mediation process rarely results in a meaningful offer. If it does, you can request time to consult with an attorney. I would not recommend hiring an attorney on an hourly basis to go to a mediation. If the mediation fails, or either party delines to participate, the charge is referred back to the investigation group.

EEOC charges are taking a very long time to get through the system. More than a year is not unheard of right now.