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Do i need to go consulate for visa again

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I had been in US for 4 yrs and did my Master and worked on H1B and came to India and went for visa stamping and got h1b visa stamped till Oct 2015 but i haven't went back to US as my employer havent paid me 2 months salary later on he revoked the petition and recently a new employer had filed my H1B and i got the approval do i need to go to counsulate again for visa or i can travel on my previous visa

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Old valid visa is good for travel.

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Need new visa. It's employer specific.

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If your current H-1B was approved and a new I-94 card was issued you will be fine to stay in the US without issue in accordance with the I-94. However if you travel abroad, you will need a new H-1B stamp to re-enter the US. This can be obtained in India or in a 3rd country if your current immigration lawyer believes your case will be reviewed and not deferred to your home country. Many no issue H-1B stamping interviews are conducted in Canada for example. However each consulate has its own rules on 3rd country national visa stamping and each reserves the right to send you to the US embassy or consulate in your home country.

Talk to your employers immigration attorney to see how things stand.

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Apply for new visa.


You need a new visa. H1B visas are employer specific.

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