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Do I need to get operators insurance after I got a DUI?

Bethesda, MD |

I got a DUI in VA in 2010, my license was revoked for a year. When I went back to get my license they told me that I had to get operators insurance even if I didn't own a car. I have since moved to MD & am wondering if the same law applies here?

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Your license in Virginia is still revoked.

I do not beleive you need operators insurance in Maryland, however, if the only way you can get your license out of revoked status in VA is to get operators insurance, you may be stuck. Technically, it seems as if you need to revive your VA license and then you can simply apply for a MD license with your valid VA license.

In Maryland, all licensing applications are checked with the National Driver Registry. If your license is suspended, revoked, canceled or refused in this or any other state, you are not eligible for a Maryland driver's license.

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Often, the new state will require that you comply with any requirement of your former state of residence before they will license you.

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