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Do I need to get legal protection against my ex-boyfriend?

Seattle, WA |

My boyfriend and I broke up about a month ago. I entertained his phone calls & emails for a little while, but it soon became obvious that he wasn't going to move on unless I ignored him. He showed up in front of my house unannounced, he calls constantly and leaves weird voice messages and texts. His last voicemail talked about how I am harassing him, calling him, and tells me to leave him alone - the thing is, that is how I am feeling. I'm not calling him or contacting him at all.

This makes me nervous that he is setting me up for something bad. Is there anything I need to know about to protect myself legally? I'm starting to get nervous and scared about his behavior.

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See my AVVO Legal Guide on Domestic Violence. Sorry to say, but your ex sounds pretty weird. Talk to a DV advocate at the King County Courthouse. It's free, and they will help you get an appropriate Order of Protection or Anti-Harassment Order.

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If your boyfriend is making an allegation that you are harassing him, you should make sure that the reality of the situation is well documented. You should keep screen shots of all text messages and save or print copies of emails. You should also save all of the voice mails. Finally, you should keep copies of your phone bills so you can show that you have not been the one contacting him. In terms of protecting yourself, you have a couple of options. You can report his behavior to the police and provide them copies of the texts, emails and voicemails. Depending on how much he has contacted you and what exactly he has said, there may be grounds for some charge to be filed against him. You could also seek a protection order in King County District Court.



I've already deleted everything. It was really upsetting to me and I didn't want to keep them around. Will I not be able to take any action now?