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Do I need to get a public defender or what do I do?

Garvin, MN |

I got arrested Saturday for stealing an item that was 19.99. I have court on 3-11-13 I need to know do I call to get a public defender or what to do. I was 3 hours away from home so I'm hoping to make this a one time visit and not have to go up there again. I have enrolled my self into consouling because of the matter and also think I suffer from depression so I made a Dr appt for that. Just don't know if I call them and get in touch with a public defender before hand or not. The day I was arrested I was just realesed no bail or anything like that. Please help me. I have a clean record. Ok I from Marshall MN but this happened in brooklyn park MN

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You may apply for a public defender on the date of court. One will be appointed if you qualify financially. You may also retain provate counsel in which case, you may waive you first court appearance to have your attorney appear on your behalf.

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You will apply for a public defender at your first court date. If you do not financially qualify for a public defender, then you will have to hire a private attorney.


You are entitled to an attorney when charged with a criminal offense if you cannot afford to hire one. But yes that is determined at your first court appearance. And hiring an attorney will save you some court some courts you can also have your attorney do a plea in absentia filing which allows you to finish your case without having to physically appear in court. You should consult with a local attorney in your state and ask if that is even an option for you. Good luck!

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You can get a public defender application here: Most people do not apply for the public defender until their first appearance, but there is no rule saying you cannot apply sooner. It is possible (though not guaranteed) that a judge would review the application prior to court and you would know in advance if you are accepted.

You may also want to consider hiring private counsel if you can afford it. Good luck to you.

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