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Do I need to file to end 'contact after adoption agreement' if Judge did not approve it on the adoption order?

Oroville, CA |

All parties signed a contact after adoption agreement which was signed by the Judge, but when the adoption was finalized, the Judge did not approve our agreement. Does the Judge's disallowance of of this agreement automatically nullify or 'cancel it out?' I have stopped following the agreement due to harassment and stalking by the birth parent and her family.

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This is confusing. You say the judge signed the agreement, but then later did not approve it. Were you being represented by someone? Adoption is a serious and complicated process that you should not be attempting to do on your own. Contact the agency that you were working with. You probably need to consult with an adoption or family law attorney in your area.
If you are being harassed and stalked, you need to report that to the adoption agency, the judge, and the police.



I represented myself and the adoption was finalized in 2011. There is no adoption agency because this was a step-parent adoption. The Judge signed the post adoption agreement form acknowledging that she reviewed it, but she did not check the box that says the post adoption agreement was approved in the adoption order. I have reported the crimes to local authorities.