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Do I need to file Form RCT-101 in Pennsylvania as a LLC even if Im not a professional LLC? Pls help...thank you

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I do not have a restricted LLC, therefore I know for sure that I do not have to file the annual registration certificate nor the associated fees of some 400$. BUT, I just came across this form: six-page Form RCT-101, Corporate Tax Report. My small LLC is dead. I have 0 revenues for 2012, but for 2011 I had some little revenue & paid applicable PA state taxes on PA 40 Schedule C (about $500) but did nothing else. BUT, no one ever told me I had to file this form every year !! ... Im not even sure, do I have to file this form at all - it is such a confusion!! the Form RCT-101, Corporate Tax Report. Ive moved to Florida last year ... I intend to keep the LLC dangling, what annual submissions I need to keep making, if you would be so kind enough to leave a message ! :(

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No, you do not need to file Form RCT, Corporate Tax Report, because you have a Limited Liabiity Company, not a corporation. There is no annual filing required (other than tax filings) for a Limited Liabiity Company other than a Registered or Restricted Limited Liabiity Company.

Nellie T. Schulz

Nellie T. Schulz


I followed up with the Department of Revenue who disagrees and says that Limited liability companies are subject to the capital stock/foreign franchise tax regardless of their federal income tax status and are required to file the PA Corporate Tax Report, RCT-101. Limited Liability Companies electing to file as corporations with the IRS are also subject to the corporate net income tax.


You should consult the business' tax advisor, either an accountant or tax attorney.

Good luck.

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When you have a proper registered business as you do, you really should work with a tax professional to assist. You can always use one of the branded companies like H&R Block that might be helpful to you, but no one here will render such specifc advise without being hired to walk through everything.

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