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Do I need to file Form L-9 for real property held in trust until the death of the decedent?

Bordentown, NJ |

My mother created a living trust during her lifetime. She died 2/4/14, and the only trust property - her house - was left to me. Her estate is less than $675,000.00 so an Estate Tax Return does not need to be filed. Do I need to file form L-9 to request a waiver or is it unnecessary since the house was in a trust?

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You will need to consult local counsel on this, however it appears that you would not be able to use the L-9 filing instead of filing regular tax forms. If you haven't done your taxes yet this year, your CPA could probably assist you with this. Otherwise I would call local counsel and confirm. Here is a link to the L-9 form. Please see page 4. Good luck.


You need to post this on the Tax forum, not real estate.