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Do I need to file a separate I-130 application for each parent?

Salt Lake City, UT |

I became a US citizen through marriage. I want to move my parents and my 18 year-old brother permanently to the US.

1. Do I have to file a separate I-130 application for each parent?
2. Can I include my little brother on my I-130 petition for one or both parents?
3. When the time comes, does each parent have to file a separate I-485 application?
4. If I cannot apply for my little brother as part of my mom or dad's I-130, can he wait until my parents adjust their status and then have them petition for him as an unmarried child under 21?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Attorney answers 3


1. Yes
2. no your parents will have to sponsor him or you can sponsor him in a separate I130 petition but it will take atleast 10 years
3. yes
4. yes


Each needs separate application with all applicable filing fees.


I agree with my colleagues, but are your parents currently in the U.S. and are they statutorily eligible to apply to adjust status? What is their current legal status? You would be wise, at a minimum, to seek my legal advice or that of one of my esteemed colleagues. You are NOT going to get your answer here. Each case is very CASE SPECIFIC. I can be reached at either (770)955-1785 or via e-mail at Hope this helps. Wishing you well. THINK IMMIGRATION - THINK BOB BEER.

This communication does not create an attorney client relationship. If I can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact me at any time at either (770)955-1785 or (678)576-9394 or via e-mail at THINK IMMIGRATION - THINK BOB BEER