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Do I need to file a police report to get an incident on record?

Chelsea, OK |

My niece is a teenage mother. She has sole custody and the father was given sparse visitation by the court. They worked out a schedule that nearly doubled his visit time and all was well until he got a new girlfriend. He started bringing the baby home later & later (from due at noon to showing up at 10pm) and freely admits to doing it on purpose, says he doesn't like being told what to do. Last night they asked to come to my house (neutral up to now) to discuss visitation. He, his mother & girlfriend show up; he was red faced and angry, screaming at times that he wanted joint custody, "I get her a week - you get her a week!" When the mother started yelling at my niece I made them leave. Even the girlfriend was telling them to stop screaming. Do I need to get this on record somehow?

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In Oklahoma, it is legal to record a conversation as long as one person is aware the conversation is being recorded. Get a recorder and record this stuff as it will go a long way if he files to modify custody. Your niece is only required to follow the court order but if they have agreed on differerent terms, I would document where he isn't following that. Also, get a diary and record everything...times dates and incidents. If he brought child back late, record it in diary.

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