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Do I need to file a DMV SR-1A Form?

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In May of 2011 I was in a car accident. I was moving, and lost paperwork and as a result did not file an SR-1 form. My insurance company recently settled a claim with the other driver in the accident. Today I looked up my DMV record and my license status is Valid and there are no accidents recorded. My understanding is that if the other party had filed an SR-1 form I would have been notified or my license would have been suspended for failing to file one myself. Do I still need to file one?

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California Vehicle Code section 16000 mandates the reporting of the accident. See this link for more information:
HOWEVER, subsection (c) reads, "If none of the parties involved in an accident has reported the accident to the department under this section within one year following the date of the accident, the department is not required to file a report on the accident and the driver's license suspension requirements of Section 16004 or 16070 do not apply."

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