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Do I need to end my current car lease lose down payment and start a new one in order to add another name to the lease?

Secaucus, NJ |

I leased a car and want to add my husband to the lease a month later. The dealer said they have to end my lease and start a new lease with them. But to end my lease, I will lose all down payment. Is that the only way that they could add my husband name onto my lease? Do I have to lose all down payment? Thanks.

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A lease is an agreement or contract. Read the terms and conditions within the agreement. If its a lot of legalize and words that you do not understand, you can seek a contract attorney to help you. Good luck.

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I agree with Mr. Simon, the first step is to read the Lease and see what the terms are. Second, you can call the Leasing company and ask them if they will permit the change. If you are adding your husband as an additional responsible party, it may not be a problem but if you are seeking to take your name off and substitute his name as the responsible party they would not do that.

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I am not certain why you feel it necessary to add your husband to the lease. As long as your insurance company is aware he will be driving, your husband can drive the vehicle.

As long as someone pays the monthly lease payment, the lease/finance company can care less who actually drives the vehicle or in whose name the lease is.

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