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Do I need to contact the F.B.I. concerning a letter I received?

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I dated a Native American girl from the Pine Ridge reservation located in South Dakota. She moved to Texas to live with me in 2004. During 2005 I moved to the reservation and shortly after she began to commit crimes. I eventually left her and returned to Texas in 2009. She has harassed me since then, however, I'm not concerned with that. Today I recieved a letter from the Admin. Department of the Treasury requesting a payment on a delinquent fine that originated from the Admin. Department of the U.S. Court system that was addressed in her name. While she lived in Texas she was in no trouble with the U.S. court system or sthe I.R.S. I already had the Treasury remove my address but the US court has it and I'm concerned that she is committing crimes in South Dakota and giving my address.

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This is really not an immigration question, but perhaps, if I were you, call the Court first and get them to remove your name from the letter since you have nothing do to with her alleged criminal acts.



I have no idea why it was put in the immigration forum. This is the second letter I have received. I received the first letter a few months ago and I never opened it because it was addressed to her and I subsequently misplaced it. I opened the second because of the US treasury logo. I was concerned she was falsely using my address. My name does not appear on either letter. The second letter states that its from the admin. Of the US court but does not specify which court or district. The treasury department said they could give me no info.


FBI equals federal crime. Talk with an experienced federal criminal attorney.


Consult with an experienced federal lawyer ASAP. Your concerns may be real or exaggerated. CYC = that is cover your concerns.

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