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Do I need to contact someone in JAG?

Huntsville, AL |

Since late 2007 I have been trying to get a travel claim completed correctly from staying on active duty after returning from a deployment (Marines). There was failure in completing my travel claim correctly that showed I received Messing. There was no messing available at this reserve center and I have been trying to get this fixed from every which angle I can. I have contacted MOBCOM, I have contacted the Marines at that reserve center, and I have contacted my Congress representatives. In all cases no one seems to read the paperwork I send them that shows another Marine there at the exact same time I was not given Messing.

I am no longer in the Reserves and was wondering if I still have access to a JAG officer or if I can get a private lawyer on this. This has been going since JUL 2007.

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I'm no JFTR expert, but I'd have to think after four years and you being out of the reserves now your window of opportunity to resolve the matter has closed.

However, recommend you re-engage the Navy Personnel unit that services the last reserve center you were involved with and work with them.

Here is a link to DOD Comptroller guidelines--you may have to hunt and peck thru it, find a hotlink to a document or directive that is on point for your issue:

I am licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia, answering your query does not create an attorney-client relationship and I AM NOT providing you legal advice. You should speak with an attorney to whom you have provided all the facts, before you take steps that may impact your legal rights--or rights to recovery of damages. I wish you the best of luck with your situation.



Thank you for your quick response.


I would agree that contacting the pay or personnel office where you were last assigned would be a good place to start. You could contact JAG but they represent the government and would not have to assist you. The Air Force has a claims office that handles certain claims against the government. I'm sure the Marines/Navy has a similar office. You might try that route. But as the other responder indicated, its probably too late.

As for hiring a private attorney, you could certainly do that but the real task before you is finding the right person to fix the issue. You may have as much success at doing that as would an attorney. Attorney time can be expensive so you need to weigh that against the amount of money you think you are owed.

Providing this general response does not create an attorney client relationship.

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