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Do I need to comply with a New York grand jury subpoena if I'm out of state?

Miami, FL |

I received a grand jury subpoena for some business records; this relates somehow to a criminal investigation in New York. I have no idea what's going on, but as I'm out of state (and don't have any stores in New York), do I need to comply with the subpoena?

The subpoena was for my business, not me personally. It was mailed to me, and was a state (not federal) subpoena. Thanks.

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If you neither live nor do business in the state of NY then they do not have personal jurisdiction over you. The jurisdiction is limited to the State of NY assuming this is a state versus a federal subpoena. I would be interested to know how you were served. Was the subpoena mailed or served by a process server? I recommend that you hire an attorney to contact the prosecutor and get more information to also find out if you are a target or subject of the investigation.


Depending on the circumstances and how intense the investigation is, NY law enforcement may contact authorities in your local to gain assistance in complying with the subpoena. I've handled several matters where Grand Jury subpoenas and searches were conducted in NY from outside jurisdictions or businesses/individuals from outside NY were subject to a NY state investigation. You need to contact an attorney to help.

Please feel free to glance at the guide I posted about Grand Jury subpoenas or call me to speak more about this at (914) 588-2679 or via the website below