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Do I need to change deed on property to list new trustee under Revocable Trust when one trustee passes.

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Mothers deed on property is in a revocable dated trust agreement listing her and my father as trustees. Father has passed and now I am listed as a successor co-trustee on her Revocable dated Trust. Do I need to get my name on the deed as trustee or can I just wait and follow the trust whenever something happens to her and transfer ownership of property per her trust at that time.

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You do not need to file a new deed. Once real estate has been transferred into a trust, no new deed is required upon the death of the trustmaker, a trustee or a beneficiary to retain the real estate in the trust.

There are only two situations when you will need to file a new deed: (1) any transaction that the trust enters into with respect to the real estate, like a loan or a sale; and (2) if the trust provides for a distribution out of trust to a beneficiary.

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I agree that there is likley no need to execute and record a new deed in this situation.

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Just wait until her passing and transfer property at that time under the supervision of an attorney
as to the appropriate time.
Many factors to consider as timing of tranfers.

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No new deed is needed because ownership has not changed. The trust is the owner not the trustee. Its like ownership by a company. The company still owns the property even though there is a new president.

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Attorneys Lehnardt and OBrien gave good explanations of why and when you may need a replacement deed as a successor trustee .

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