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Do I need to bring my laptop or CD player to the court in order to listen to 911 call?

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Hi dears,
In order to listen to the 911 call in the court for small case without a lawyer.
Do I have to bring my own cd player to listen to the 911 call in the court room?
Can I just convert it and transfer it to my phone? Or I have to take the cd that the 911 center gave me?
Thank you
Best regards

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I suggest that you present the audio in a manner whereby everyone in the courtroom will be able to hear it at the same time. Small claims courts do not generally enforce the Texas Rules of Evidence, so you probably don't need to worry about this evidence being excluded by the judge on legal grounds. However, you may wish to ask the clerk of the court how your judge prefers litigants to offer evidence like this.

Good luck.



Thank you sir, This evidence is so important. And it's the key of my strategy to convince the judge


This could depend on what court you are in and also whether the 911 call has been provided to the prosecutor/district attorney via audio tape, CD, or email/media transmission. Unless you subpoenaed the audio yourself, it was likely emailed to the prosecutor/district attorney. You need to find out from the State what form they have it in. If you can consult with a lawyer on this issue, you may want to do that; even if it costs you a small consultation fee. There is not enough information to give you a more detailed answer.

The information provided is not advice but a legal perspective and you should schedule a consultation with the lawyer of your choice.

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