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Do i need new h1b petition (that will be suject to cap) or i can recapture time left on my old h1b?

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My background: I came to US on h1b in Nov 2008. I didnot work for that employer at all. Changed my status to h4 on April 2009. On March 2011 changed my status to f1. Now starting April 2013, i willl be on OPT till april 2014. I would like to know if an employer is willing to hire me, does he need to apply for new h1b that will be subject to cap or i can use my 5 and half years left on my old h1b? Please let me know.

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From your statement, you appear to have violated your status between November 2008 and April 2009.

You should meet in private with an immigration attorney before filing any more papers.

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I agree with my colleague. Seek a consultation with a competent immigration attorney before any petition is filed in your behalf.

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