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Do I need an SR-22 and install the ignition interlock device? is there anyway around it?

La Puente, CA |

i recieved a DUI in august of 2012. i was 20 years old when the incident occurred and am now 21. I blew a .10 BAC. i am now less than a month away from completing a year without a license. i already completed community service, MADD, and Drug classes for 3 months. i am now learning that i am going to have install an ignition interlock device for 6 months and possibly have to get SR-22 insurance on my car for 3 years. i cannot afford that kind of insurance.

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If you can't afford insurance, you may want to just avoid driving. In other words, you can't drive without insurance, if that is what you are asking. There is no legal loophole or way around it.

To avoid the expense of an ignition interlock device, you can fill out a form with the DMV that shows you no longer own or have access to a car. However, if you are subject to the IID requirement, you cannot operate a car during the time period that you are subject to the requirement. You can save some money by avoiding installation of the IID.

You are in a tough spot.

Ted Harvatin

Ted Harvatin


SR 22 is cheap. Everyone assumes otherwise


An SR-22 is not a kind of insurance. It is a form, electronically filed by an insurance company with the DMV, that states that you have the statutory minimum insurance coverage. That is the MINIMUM. You cannot drive legally without that insurance. So, I would agree with Mr. Hill, if you can't afford that insurance, you can't afford to drive.
As to the IID, it is part of a pilot program by the DMV in several counties, one of which is L.A. There is no way around it. If you aren't going to be driving, to avoid the IID get rid of any vehicles registered to you and notify the DMV.

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If thats what the licensing agency requires then yes you will have to do it. Talk to your attorney about this as they are in the best position to know your situation and facts. Good luck.


There is a way around the sr-22 insurance that apparently purchasing a very expensive surety bond, but it is much more expensive than sr-22 insurance. Call JMAC insurance services - it's not terribly expensive. Best of luck.

Jasen Nielsen


Regarding the SR-22 I agree with the other attorneys. Your best bet is to avoid having a car registration in your name and driving altogether. You cannot drive legally without that insurance unless the car your driving is insured. This is your way around it. If you are a permissive driver on another person's insurance. Some company's will not add you if they know you had a DUI or will raise rates. However, this is still a good way to avoid paying an arm and leg for your insurance rates.

As to the Ignition Interlock Device. The only way you can avoid it is if you do not drive. If you ride a motorcycle there may be an issue since most of the devices are currently only for vehicles and not motorcycles.
Cal. Veh. Code 23575 Section M states: For the purposes of this section, “vehicle” does not include a motorcycle until the state certifies an ignition interlock device that can be installed on a motorcycle. Any person subject to an ignition interlock device restriction shall not operate a motorcycle for the duration of the ignition interlock device restriction period.

If you choose to drive another person's vehicle which is not registered to you or borrow someone's vehicle, remember one thing, you must have an ignition interlock device attached to that vehicle. There are new devises that most courts will approve that travel with you and attach through the cigarette lighter. They can be moved from vehicle to vehicle. You can look into the interlock devices here

Good luck!