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Do i need an I-601 when I go to my next interview date at the consulate in Juarez?

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My husband has his second interview date in juarez and the consulate informed him he needed at I-601. Our lawyers office on the other hand says we dont. They say we just need two waivers. I am confused as to what I should do. For the first appointment my husband had to get additional papers that our lawyer didnt give us. What should I do to be prepared?

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An I-601 is the form for the waiver(s). I'm not sure why your lawyers would tell you that you didn't need an I-601, but you do need two waivers. I think this is an attorney/client communication snafu. Go back to your lawyer and try to get them to explain better.


It is impossible to say for sure from what you posted but you may want to speak with another attorney. It is probable that you do need a 601 waiver.
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What kind of waiver he needs depends on why he is inadmissible. If both grounds fall under categories that are filed on Form I-601, he needs only one application for both grounds. He needs two applications if one is covered by Form I-601 and another one by Form I-212. I suggest that you ask your lawyer to explain to you why the waiver is needed and what application form applies for each ground.

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Get an appointment with your lawyer asap. He/she owes you a duty. He/she should explain his position (strategy) to you in a clear fashion.
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Perhaps you should get a second opinion to see what is really needed here. The cost should be nominal and it can give you some peace of mind.

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