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Do I need an Estate lawyer?

Schertz, TX |

A month has passed and my brother has not placed the will into probate. He is not following the wishes in the will. Lot of money involved for my sister and I, and he is wanting to not give us our share. HELP

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You have a number of options if you don't wait too long. Any "interested person" can apply to have a Will probated even if that person is not named as Executor in the Will and even if that person does not have possession of the Will. You will need to consult with an experienced probate lawyer to do this. You may be able to apply to have the Will admitted to probate but also contest the appointment of your brother as Independent Executor. If your brother has already started disposing of assets in a manner contrary to the Will that would be grounds for him to not be appointed Independent Executor. You need to see a lawyer NOW. Do not wait. Failing to take action after you become aware of wrongdoing could waive some of your rights.

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It is the executor or person in possession of the will's responsibility to probate the will. The executor named in a will is NOMINATED to be executor, when the original will is presented that person is appointed. If you feel that he is not carrying out his duties you need to hire an attorney right away to compel him to do so or have him excluded from serving. You must have an attorney.

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It sounds like you definitely need to talk to a probate attorney and give them all of the facts so he or she can discuss your options. If you have concerns that money is being mismanaged, it may be better to be overly cautious than wait until it's too late.

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