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Do I need an attorney for my Restraining order hearing?

San Marcos, TX |

I have a restraining order hearing scheduled for next week, the problem is that my husband closed our joint accounts and I have no money for a Lawyer. The lawyers I've spoken to on the phone all want,need a retainer. I've explained the situation but they still need money. They have asked my husbands attorney to pay but he says No... I feel so distressed and alone my family has taken his side, I have nobody to help me through this ugly mess. I have also contacted Legal Aid but they take to long to review cases. Can I ask for spousal support from him at this hearing, I am staying at a women's shelter because I ave nowhere to go until the divorce is final. My husband has two lawyers and I cant even get someone to help me since he has control of the money. What can I do?

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Attorneys want to be paid for their services. Go figure. I suggest you speak to a family member or friend for financial assistance.

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Yes you do!

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