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Do i need an attorney?

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An altercation at a bar occurred, i threw my drink and as i did that it accidentally hit someone, she had 2 staples in her head. She filed police report, incident report with bar and also is demanded i pay her bill since the drink i threw accidentally hit her. She wants it in writing. What should i do?

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If she wants you to pay her bills and will release you from future liability I would take that deal if I were you. You may want to have a lawyer prepare a release for her to sign.


if you have homeowner's insurance, you should immediately notify your carrier of the incident. it should provide coverage since the injury was an accident although the throwing of the glass was intentional. in the event, she decides that paying her bills is not enough, you will need the coverage. also contact a lawyer and let him/her have the communications with the victim. if she is willing to settle for the bills you will need a proper release.


I would talk with an attorney right away and prior to contacting your insurance carrier. Do not give any statements until you have spoken with an attorney.


Your insurance company will give you direction on what to do next. Tell them you want to know immediately that you are covered. Put that in writing.

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Report it to your homeowner's insurance carrier to resolve.


Try to report it to your home owners or renters insurance. If not, get a lawyer asap.

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You may need a criminal defense attorney. I wouldn't discuss that in a public forum like this if I were you.


She will almost certainly file a dram shop case against the bar. Part and parcel of this is a claim against you, the AIP or alleged intoxicated person. That is why the others are telling you, correctly, to report it to your homeowners' carrier.

If you are NOT covered by homeowner's insurance, and there are no criminal charges, you may want to discuss this with either a criminal or injury lawyer, so that if you do make a deal with her a proper release is executed. If you do get charged, definitely get a criminal attorney.

Do not talk about this except with your homeowner's carrier.

Good luck.

Fortunately, you didn't injure her worse. These scenarios can be quite awful from my experience.

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In addition to contacting your homeowners insurance carrier and advising them of the incident, I would strongly recommend that you contact also a criminal law attorney and let the attorney know of this incident and that you will need him/her on call. The party that was hurt did file a police report.

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