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Do I need an ADOPTION or IMMIGRATION Attorney for Independant (international) Adoption?

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I am a US citizen and will shortly be returning to the US (Texas) to petition for the adoption of my child.

The facts are :

I have had full legal custody of the child since 3 years.

The child will enter the US on an IR-4 visa.

The country of origin (Morocco) does not admit full adoptions; he is therefore under my custody only.

I have all the legal paperwork delivered in Morocco to show custody. The homestudy and all other USCIS requirements will be completed by the time I enter the US.

Based on this case, will I be needing an ADOPTION or IMMIGRATION attorney to complete my petition for Adoption within the US?

Thank you,

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Adoption lawyer in the US to complete adoption, immigration lawyer if any immigration concerns.

You are welcome to use the link provided below.



You should an immigration who also does adoption matters. I'm sure you will be able to find a number of attorneys who are able to help you with both issues, instead of going to two attorneys.

Best wishes.