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Do I need a workmans comp attorney?

Saint Louis, MO |

At the time of my injury in 2010 I was working in Iowa but lived in Missouri still. I have an Iowa Workman's Comp case in which I have been paid benefits and as far as I know I have gotten everything that I should have. Do I need an attorney to make sure I have gotten eveything that I should? and If so does it matter which state the attorney is from?

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You should have a free initial consultation with an IOWA workers' comp lawyer to find out whether you have been treated fairly.

Each state has its specific laws regarding work comp, so you need a lawyer who practices in that state where your case is being handled.


I would opt for an Iowa Attorney if you think that the Insurance may have low-balled you. If you feel like you have been treated fairly, you probably have. An Attorney will take a portion of your recovery, so peace of mind may come at a cost and leave you with less than you started with. Life is a gamble.

Attorneys are very competitive. Choose the Best Answer so we know who helped you the most.


You should get two attorneys - one to review your Iowa case, and one to explore the benefit of filing a claim in Missouri.

The choice of an attorney is an important decision and should not be based on advertisements alone. This response does not create an attorney-client relationship; and this answer does not constitute legal advice. You must discuss the specific facts of your case in detail with an attorney.