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Do i need a workcomp lawyer?

Reno, NV |

Ive been working in asbestos removal for about 25 years. Its mandatory all employee take an annual physical in order for you to renew your certs. I had mine in june. I failed the breathing test. The clinic put on my report i failed 3 times and i need to see a specialist asap. He also added in the report i have lungs of an 80 year old man. Ive never smoked a day in my life. So i made the appointment with the specialist. He said i need an MRI dand a CT scan. An ill be around $3000. So i returned to work and asked my boss to open a work comp case. I believe its work related. my boss refused to open I know theres risks with dealing with asbestos lead and mold removal. Now i have something wrong with my lungs and the doctor wants me to pay out of pocket before i can have these tests complete

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Hire an attorney and file a WC claim with the state. If you have medical insurance, do NOT delay your medical care.

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Asbestosis is not mistaken for anything else. The test results are usually clear in diagnosis if asbestos is the cause of the respiratory condition. File a WC claim, and get an Attorney.

I represent Employers, but I can recommend Worker Attorneys in So Cal if you ask.


Get a workers compensation attorney. You need to file the claim. Once you do it is likely they will pay for you to see a dr


Yes you need a workers compensation attorney ASAP. My office handles cases like yours all the time. Feel free to contact me for a free consultation if you would like to talk further.


NRS 617 controls occupational diseases. It is critical that you meet with an attorney that focuses on Nevada workers' compensation law. One of the issues that need to be addressed is causation "within a reasonable degree of medical probability". So it will be critical to get a doctor to link your lung problems as occupational in nature, and do so in writing. Also critical is your time frames. You have 90 days to bring an industrial claim (by way of filing your "C-4", along with a doctor's endorsement) from the date you knew of the occupational exposure causing your condition. (On disease claims, the time frame is often hotly contested, btw).


Workers comp cases can be time sensitive. You should consult a Workers Comp Attorney as soon as possible. My office regularly refers clients to Jason Mills of Neeman & Mills.

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