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Do I need a Supreme court Lawyer

Fremont, MI |

The officer had no reason to pull me over and his excuse to the judge was that I had passed a car too fast. I was drinking but was in the legal limit. i went to jail and the case is going to be dropped because the judge was unhappy about how the officer arrested me and had no reason for it.

I am wondering if I need the lawyer because i want to sue the officer and the city of fremont

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Attorney answers 2


First, you need a good criminal lawyer to make certain your case gets dismissed. Don't rely upon rumor or hearsay that the judge didn't like how the police officer acted. That's usually not true at all. In fact, its usually the opposite.

If and when the case is dismissed, you will then need a good civil rights attorney to sue the city for false arrest if its warranted.

Good luck.


This really sounds like your word against the officer as to probable cause to make a traffic stop, unless there are other facts, you should concentrate on getting the DUI dismissed.