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Do i need a supeena for the father and son to be in court ?Even tho he has a lawyer.he said he wasnt going that day.

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i have had my son for 14 years his father hasn't been in his life but a several times out of his 14 years of life ..and then he comes up 15,910 behind in child support then he wants to get custody, child support, and visitation rights,for me and he went and done a exparte' 2 months ago ,he made up a bunch of false info to try ta get my son and his custody so he will not have to pay his child support...he has only seen his child 2 times in 2 months.He told my son that he wasnt goin to be at court that day and neither was my son..they have tortured my son,manipulated and drill him for answer's should i still supeena both my son and his father even though he has a lawyer ? im thinkin i should ! I DO NOT WANT THEM TO CONTINUE THIS HEARING ! My son doesnt wanna be there at his dad's.please help

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In order to determine whether you want the father or your son at the hearing is beyond the scope of this forum. You need to hire an attorney to represent you. It is possible that the judge may order the father to pay your legal fees. Custody of your son is too important a matter to handle on your own.

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You need to talk with an experienced family law attorney as soon as possible. One of the finest is Lynn Prather. You can reach her at 919 832 7700. I recommend that you give her a call. Take a look at his video of her discussing child custody:


It sounds as if you do not have an attorney representing you. You need one. I am sure that you can find an attorney in Union or Mecklenburg County who can assist you. If you have no funds for an attorney, under some circumstances some attorneys may agree to represent you in connection with the recovery of your support arrearage on a contingency basis.