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Do I need a Real Estate Lawyer?

Cleveland Heights, OH |

My parents own a house in Cleveland Heights that I pay all expenses for. They would like to do a contract for deed with me to put everything in my name so they don't have to deal with it anymore. The contract seems simple enough but I'm unsure of what needs to be filed where in order for everything to get properly recorded not to mention we are both out of state. How complicated is this really and what kind of time (expense) am I looking at?

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Yes, you should retain a real estate attorney.

It is impossible to estimate how much the work will cost.

You should consult several attorneys to determine what it might cost and what must be done.

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From what you say, this could be very simple, but more information is needed. For example, are you paying them anything for the house? Feel free to contact me.

This response does not constitute legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship.


Yes, you should consult with an attorney. Both you and your parents need to make sure you accomplish what you intended. From what little facts you have given it does not appear to be a complex matter and must attorneys will give you a flat fee before doing the work.

Attorney Sternberg is admitted to the practice of law only in the State of Ohio. His answering of this question does not constitute an attorney client relationship, nor can his answer be relied on since the question does not permit Attorney Sternberg to seek additional information necessary to render an legal opinion.

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