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Do i need a oui attorney ?

Hayward, WI |

OUI cited for overdose of vicidan and beer !!!!
my perscription bottles for hydrocodone and ibuprophin 800's are identical even the warning stickers -- i inadvertantly took 3 hydros and on 1 800 which is backwards to the norm which clouded my judgement and clarity-- deer jumped me on curve on hwy --put motorcycle in ditch -- blew .015 -- was not allowed a phone call while in jail ? -- do i need to plead guilty with explanation or not guilty

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You cannot plead guilty with an explanation any plea must be voluntary. If you start providing an explanation or disagreeing with facts stated in the complaint, then the judge may refuse to take your plea. OWI cases are complicated and difficult for attorneys so you should not try to resolve this case yourself. If you cannot afford an attorney you should ask for a public defender. But a public defender will not represent you on a first offense because it is a civil regulatory offense not a criminal one.

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Taking to the Internet to ask how you should plead in a criminal court is not a good plan.

Hire a criminal defense attorney IMMEDIATELY.

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Yes you do - check the "Find a Lawyer" link here on Avvo.


Any time you are charged with OWI you should hire counsel if you can afford it. There are significant consequences that flow even from a first offense. Additionally, the defense of OWI cases has, in some respects, become more complicated than defendant a homicide case.

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