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Do I need a new work comp lawyer?

Poteau, OK |

I was injured at work last August, a client fell on top of my lower back landing with his elbows there were two other staff members witnessed it. It happened at 8:30AM and I immediately reported it. I wasn't allowed to leave wk until about 1:30, they refused to file wk comp, I hired a lawyer have been through 2 surgeons, both say I don't need surgery thank goodness, but I'm still in a lot of pain and lay down 80-90% of the time, now I'm at MMI with permanent restriction of no lifting over 50lbs and a referral to med management he said I would live in pain the rest of my life and probably develop fibromyalga. I averaged working 9 days/mo because I'm in so much pain. My lawyer says it's settlement time, I feel there's still something wrong, I'm only 34. I appreciate any answers. Thank you

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If you are not comfortable with your WC lawyer, get a new one.


Switch if you not satisfied. However, you may want to him/her as to the specific reasons for trying to settle now or just talk to another attorney for a second opinion.


If you are not confident in your lawyer, consult with a different one. You have a right to do so.


I have found that when a client has a concern with their current representation, an appointment and face to face conversation with their lawyer usually clears up any concern that existed. If it doesn't, then you can always consider a change of lawyer.

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