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Do i need a medical melpractie lawyer

Athens, GA |

I hurt my back at home & went to my family dr. & he gave me 4days off when i returned back to work my job sent me to ther dr. for a ffd exam i pass the next moring my job sends me back to him he puts me on lite duty & my job let me work 3days of lite duty & now there are telling me that there is no lite duty on the job can this doctor do this to me without any kind of exam on me

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I don't think so. You might need a labor/employment attorney.

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You might have a potential employment claim if your employer is not allowing you to work within your medical restrictions or is otherwise not attempting to accommodate your medical condition. You should contact a knowledgeable Georgia employment lawyer to learn more about your rights. Our initial telephone conversations are no-charge. You can reach me at (678) 021-0143.

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You should contact an employment lawyer in the Athens area to further explore your options. Good luck.


Your question concerns an employment issue rather than medical malpractice. If you are now able to work full duty, you might want to return to the doctor with a copy of your job description and ask him for a full duty release to return to work. If not, I suggest you contact a labor and employment lawyer and maybe explore time off under the Family Medical Leave Act until you recover.