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Do I need a medical attorney?

Marshfield, MO |

I made an appointment to the dentist in hopes of getting not one but two absest teeth pulled (not knowing I had two) and was in so much pain that I had asked everyone I knew if they had any type of pain medication and came up with some Tylenol 3 with codeine in them and should not of took due to my loss of appetite that had caused me not to eat or drink properly for a couple of days and I have a prescription to Xanax that I take before bed (which shouldn't be mixed) so I show up at 9:00am very dizzy and literally out of my mind and told the doctor exactly what I had taken , he rudely tells me that it is very important that I go to ER to have my blood work done before he can pull these teeth , we get there and doctor can't believe and calls them wonders with two positives why take test !

The doctor from ER says has never had this happened and when confronted by the doctor the dentist said was worried about the patient because she seemed to dizzy and not feeling well that he was worried about her (never mentioned any of these type of thoughts while at the dentist office) So husband cancels two major meeting at his business (owner) thinking that this what needs to be done just to find out he's know lost two clients and his wife will be lucky to get in anywhere before the weekend- The doctors last words was "all they have done is wast ER"S time and your money" to get a test that knowingly is already going to show positive and to not even have a reason still for not pulling the tooth and a hospital bill now that could of probably got false teeth for the price of getting a tooth pulled? they should at least half to pay the ER bill I would think?

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Based upon the facts that you set forth, I would not think so.



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If I understand your facts correctly - It does not seem so.

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