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Do I need a lawyer to petition the court to stop child support in Massachusetts .

Webster, MA |

my son is 22 and away at college. lives with me now when he is home

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You do not need a lawyer to petition the Court to stop child support in Massachusetts. You will have to file a Complaint for Modification, and a Motion for Temporary Orders. Many people feel more comfortable with an attorney by their side, in case things get "sticky". You may hire an attorney just to appear at the hearing with you, and review your papers before you file. Please see the attached list for LAR qualified attorney's in Worcester.

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You do need to file paperwork in court but you do not necessarily need an attorney.

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You may want to file a complaint for modification and motion for temporary orders. You can certainly hire a lawyer for this, but it is not required.


I agree with my colleagues. You should go to court and seek a modification as your circumstances have clearly changed. Best of luck.

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